Personal Training

Look to your health; and if you have it, praise God and value it next to conscience; for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of, blessing money can't buy.

- Izaak Walton (1593 - 1683)

TriPT Personal Training

Our Purpose

We are passionate about providing you with the place, people and process to achieve your lifestyle goals. It's all about your quality of life and you deserve the best. We see our role as more than just a personal trainer. We consider ourselves health advisers working to provide practical and effective strategies that help you optimize your health and enjoy life.

Personal Training

Our Process

We utilize proven models of success that are based on the five stages for creating positive change.
These are:

  • Education (here you come to understand the need to act)
  • Motivation (here you decide why it's important for you to act)
  • Preparation (here you prepare your plan to act)
  • Action (here we notice what works and make adjustments as necessary)
  • Maintenance (here you paint the picture you want to achieve)

Our Program

We have developed programs that provide you with all the tools you need to achieve your goals. You define the objective and we provide the proven methods to achieve them. The keys are to make the commitment, trust the process, make adjustments along the way and enjoy the journey.

Our Pricing

This is based on your desired level of service. We provide a wide assortment of programs and services that allow you to choose what works best for you. Our goal is to ensure you're receiving the best service, value and quality. We guarantee your satisfaction. Call us, tell us your needs and we'll be glad to recommend a number of program options for you.

Benefits of Using a Trainer

  • Structured / Balanced Exercise Program
  • Motivation
  • Safe Exercise Instruction
  • Positive Environment
  • Accountability

What are the benefits of exercise?

  • 50% more likely to quit smoking
  • 40% more likely to eat less red meat
  • 30% more likely to cut down on caffeine
  • 250% more likely to eat low calorie foods and drinks
  • 200% more likely to lose weight
  • 25% more likely to cut down on salt and sugar than non-exercisers
  • 53% less at risk of premature death for men, and 98% less at risk for premature death for women than sedentary men and women, taking into account many factors including cholesterol levels, blood pressure, weight, smoking, heart disease history, etc.
  • 50% lower rate of getting breast cancer than sedentary women
Never Give Up