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"Tri-PT is a family affair - daugther, wife and now I have had great results at Tri-PT. Just had a knee replacement and started, fortunately, with Ashely Harrison, the second week after my surgery. Ashley had me within 95% of my orthopedic's schedule for my 8-week checkup in three weeks. She was clear about the necessary goals and timeline for a 100% recovery. She was persistent and super knowledgable about what I needed to do each visit. During each of my one-hour visits, I left the building satisfied with the results."
Jul 13, 2018
"This place was awesome. Great service "
Jul 09, 2018
"Absolutely the best atmosphere with which to work out your difficulties; staff has a VERY high knowledge level and treats you like a person vice an insurance payment. Jeff is definitely the BEST. You will absolutely get better."
Jun 29, 2018
"Excellent customer service and brilliant therapy, 1st day I have more mobility!! Jeff, you rock!"
May 16, 2018
"The team here, headed by Ed and Eric are the best. They care about you and do a great job getting you ready to resume your life. whatever you come for, they put you first. I would highly recommend them. "
Mar 21, 2018
"Great practice"
Feb 01, 2018

Physical Therapy

“When I first started, the outside of my left foot was very painful. It does not hurt at all now! My balance has been very weak for some time, and it too has improved. Even though I have a long way to go, Hannah has given me exercises to do at home. I’m confident that they will help my balance greatly! Hannah is so very patient and she has encouraged me to do the exercises at home. I am sure by following her direction it will make a great difference! I can already tell 1 have some better balance. Hannah is a great teacher! “

– Barbara Howe
Goals achieved on 3/8/2018

“Thank you TriPT – for getting me back on the Harley.”

– Betty

“TriPT has been an excellent place to continue my healing. The therapists are warm, friendly and knowledge. They took the time to ask my personal goals and tailored my therapy to help me achieve them. Physical activity has always been an important part of my life. Arthritis took that away from me. TriPT helped me get back on the golf course and back in the gym! Ricardo and all the other team are excellent people.”

– Michael B.
Goals achieved on 1/24/2018

“My first visit to TriPT (formerly ProFormPT) was in the summer of 2014. Due to a progressive neurological disorder, my goal is to improve/sustain mobility so that I may move efficiently, safely, properly and with the most stability. From the initial evaluation to the individualized plan of care and throughout the therapy sessions, I observed that Dr. Jeff Scherwin and his assistants are highly knowledgeable, caring and kind. Since I love to learn, I truly appreciate how they share their knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. Following their recommendations and doing the exercises at home (“homework”) are vital to the success of the care plan’s goals. The exercises (at TriPT or at home) take time and require effort but the benefits are priceless. Physical Therapy is not just ‘physical’ because it affects the ‘whole body’ as it improves a person’s quality of life.Thank you!”

– C. Astacio

“My experience at TriPT was amazing. I have been to other therapy centers before for minor injuries, but after a Subacromial decompression and Mumford’s procedure was performed on my shoulder, I was reluctant about going to month’s of therapy. However, the Staff at TriPT made the process extremely welcoming from the start. They were truly concerned about the progress being made, as well as keeping the client feeling comfortable. I actually looked forward to my therapy sessions because the entire staff was friendly, concerned, and made the daily experience productive and fun. I highly recommend using TriPTfor your needs, I am confident that you will be as pleased as I am.”

– Daniel M.

“I just began a long-overdue PT program that has made a huge difference. I attended three sessions last week with my old therapist, but became frustrated again after spending half of my scheduled time just standing around while waiting for him to finish with the two or three others he was juggling. I got back in touch with my primary care folks and switched to a new therapist in Casselberry… the difference this therapist has made in just two visits is incredible. For the first time in 10 months, after two surgeries, I am actually starting to have brief periods where I’m pain-free – I truly forgot what that felt like!! I still have very little range of motion or strength, and still have quite a bit of pain past a certain threshold, but the piece of mind these guys have given me back is unbelievable. I have a long way to go, but I am finally on my way!!”

As written by Lieutenant Colonel, Mike Zarbo to his US Army superior

Personal Training

“Earlier this year, I injured my knee. Life changes dramatically when you have a loss of mobility. I suppose I have always taken for granted these blessings given to me. I have always worked hard and been quite busy but have never taken an active role in managing a lifestyle of fitness. These last several months have made a difference in the way I look, act and feel. Exercising daily and watching what I eat has not come easily to me. Many times I arrive tired or grumpy or both. Many times life brings in other issues to distract. I don’t do this only for a certain number on scale. I do this because I have had a small glimpse of a poor alternative and wish to be there for my family and to honor my God who says I am ‘fearfully and wonderfully made.’ Phil, Mike, Eric and Ed have been tremendous as encouragers, motivators, and educators. Their entire office has a ready smile and a kind word. Their vision is not for the ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ but is appropriate for overall well-being.”

– Cathi Stroud, age 44

Corporate Fitness

“The corporate fitness program is one of the best ‘gifts’ I have ever received. Taking control is easier said than done. This program has made taking control of my fitness a priority. And – it has made my friends quite envious of where I work!”

– Tanya Peake, K. Hovnanian Cambridge Homes

“Thank you for investing in my personal health and fitness. The gym and personal trainers prove once again your dedication to our Cambridge Homes family.”

– Kelly Reising, K. Hovnanian Cambridge Homes

Sports Performance

“When I first started training at TriPT, I thought that I was ready for my endeavor as a division three football player. I thought I was strong enough and in good enough shape. Boy was I wrong! On only the second day of training, I found myself exhausted and vomiting. When I went back to tell the Trainer that I had ‘gotten sick’ I figured he would let me go home. I was wrong again, he told me to get back to work. The Trainer demanded more out of me and would only settle for the absolute best that I could give him.”

– Jon McKinney, Guilford College Football